blown away 2

transient      rachel gibson

The Brewery Arts Centre  2016

.......a collection of recent drawings, paintings, bookworks, text pieces and animations.


The selected pieces for this solo exhibition reflect an intuitive connection with memory and sense

of place. Using references from the natural world, Rachel Gibson explores the idea of an uncertain stability and the progression through time from one state of being to another.




silver boat moon ex 5 ex 3 ex 10 ex 15 ex 16 ex 18 ex 9 bundle # 5



straw and feathers

loosely tied

a token

of endless possibility:

Tihar in Bhaktapur





bundle # 5  pastel   2015



bright sentinal

by the muddy path

casually lost :


a small find

ex 2 blackbird 1

silver boat moon   acrylic on linen    2016

blown away   acrylic on linen              2016

ex 14



in the frozen wood

a bird flies


across the path

black against white


                                         black bird     acrylic on canvas



blown away 1

blown away


tree tops roaring

rooks nest tumbling

and then a moment

blown away


blown away   artists book    2014

ex 19