a soft nest #1 abandoned nest 1 precarious 2

a soft nest .....


a soft nest # 6

....intimate spaces found in the natural world which suggest growth and shelter but also fragility and loss.


' it is the way a drawing can hover on the edge of existence that makes it's language so eloquent'.

a soft nest # 1

75cms x 75 cms

pastel on paper


witches broom # 1, #2, #3



witches knot hexenbesen 2 hexenbesen1

hexenbesen # 1                                                                                         hexenbesen # 2

charcoal                                                                                                       charcoal

70cms x 70cms                                                                                        70cms x 70cms

witches knot 6 witches knot 5 winter drawing, diptych

winter drawing : diptych

acrylic, pastel and pencil on canvas


winter drawing : solstice

acrylic and pencil on paper


a soft nest # 7 fallen and found


'Rachel Gibson's work reflects an intuitive connection with experience and memory. Using references from the natural world, she explores the perception of nature as an entity which exists on the edge, treading a delicate balance between creation and destruction, growth and loss'.










40cms 40cm

acrylic on board

winter drawing # 3 falling. rachel gibson