Animations and Artists Books

Visual poems in animation and book form make a poignant link between word and image. This juxtaposition of ideas both support and enhance each other as well as suggesting a pathway to something new.



quantum - an indivisible unit of physical energy.


quantum - a short hand drawn animated poem

blown away

blown away 1


treetops  roaring

rook's nest tumbling

and then

in a moment

blown away

blown away     -     short hand drawn animated poem

                                 and artists book

3 blackbird


in the frozen wood

a bird flies


across the path

black against white





edition of5

17cm x 17cm

folded book with emboss, photographs, text and animation CD


published by rachel gibson

0ne availble dream-of-aengus-foldout-pag

The Dream of Aengus

edition 10

22cm x 22cm

5 colour lithograph, emboss & hand colouring

Contains 14 folded pages


winter tree 3 blackbird 1 winter tree 2

The winter tree

edition of 10

21cm x 16cm

Photograph with text

Linen cover -30 pages



the winter tree

the dream of aengus

like an atom

a nothing left in darkness

merely breath and dust

becoming holes

in the texture of time